Tips for Choosing the Right Mileage Limit for Your Automotive Warranty

When shopping around for an automotive warranty that measures up to your needs, it’s important to ensure that the service plan covers key components and offers services that provide long-term value. But it’s just as important to make certain that you pick a warranty term with a mileage limit that accommodates your driving habits.

At Chrysler Warranty Direct, we want to make sure you make the right extended warranty choice. Here, we explore three essential factors to consider before you choose a mileage limit.

Your Driving Habits

Because they carry a higher price tag, selecting a warranty with a high mileage limit might seem like overkill. However, miles can build up quickly – especially if your car offers a high fuel economy that’s conducive to budget-friendly, long-distance travel.

If you seldom use your car outside of a short daily commute, then you’re likely going to be fine with an extended warranty featuring a relatively low mileage limit. Just remember that low mileage means your car may last longer, so you might want to increase the warranty term as an alternative.

Drivers who are on the road more often will likely be better off with a mileage limit that’s much less restrictive. This is doubly important if you do much of your driving on highways, as your mileage count will climb much more quickly than if your commute was restricted to small-town or city driving.

Your Budget

This may seem obvious, but your budget will play a major role in the warranty you decide to purchase. Higher mileage terms are naturally accompanied by higher prices, and this may cause a high-mileage warranty to exceed your financial limit – even if you’re a regular long-distance driver. Still, the cost of a warranty will almost always be less than the price of paying for repairs out of pocket.

Your Car-Buying Habits

How often do you purchase a new vehicle? Some drivers prefer to replace their car or truck every few years. If that’s the case, you may be just fine with a low-mileage warranty – especially if you don’t plan on taking long road trips during that time. But if you’re the type who prefers to push a vehicle to its limits before investing in a new one, it’s logical to select a warranty with the highest mileage limit available.

Choose Your Mopar Warranty

Mopar warranties offer reliable protection for Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep and Ram vehicles and can be purchased with a variety of mileage limits. Explore all that these warranty plans have to offer, apply for an instant quote online or contact Chrysler Warranty Direct for more information.