There is a major difference when purchasing your extended warranty through us compared to others!

There is a major difference when purchasing your extended warranty through us compared to others!

We offer unique benefits that can’t be matched…

We’ve sold over 50,000 extended service contracts to our customers around the nation who wanted to extend their manufacturer’s warranty.

This gave their vehicle added protection at wholesale costs.

Here at Chrysler Warranty Direct we pride ourselves on providing the best extended warranty experience money can buy. We are the number one provider Nationwide, there are a lot of reasons for this.

Before you go to the dealership to buy your new vehicle do your research and understand just how much you can save. Our plans are affordable and can fit any budget. We offer no sales tax, wholesale pricing that is up to $1000 below MSRP, 0% financing with no credit check and the lowest down payment in the industry. Do your research and you will see that not everyone can offer these same benefits.

A pretty cool fact is that we are based in Michigan, so you do not have to pay sales tax when you purchase online at The State of Michigan does not consider an extended warranty a tangible item which means it is not subject to the state sales tax. This savings could be up to $300.00 or even more in some states.

Our plans of coverage range in cost to fit any budget. The costs do increase every year so by working with Chrysler Warranty Direct you can save yourself a few more dollars. In addition to this savings we offer 0% financing with no credit checks, spread your payments out over twelve or eighteen months while giving yourself the peace of mind that you’re covered now. We also have the lowest down payment requirements in the industry. You won’t be disappointed working with us.

Save your time, call us! You can do your research, but we’re convinced we have the best priced extended warranties out there. Many dealerships, other online vendors and 3rd party companies will charge you well above MSRP. We believe in wholesale pricing and past those savings right down to our customers. It doesn’t hurt anything to get a quote right here!