The Smartest Way to Buy an Extended Vehicle Warranty

With so many extended warranty agencies available, it’s easy for buyers to fall into the trap of choosing the wrong plan. And while your vehicle should deliver years of reliable service, it’s important to have protection against the unexpected that keeps you on the road and minimizes costs. You want to do your research and buy through a company that offers a hassle-free claims process, comprehensive coverage and mileage that’s worth it.

At Chrysler Warranty Direct, customers get all that and more. Here’s why an extended vehicle warranty plan through CWD just makes sense.

  1. You can get coverage for the whole family fleet. Chrysler Warranty Direct provides coverage for all Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles, from the family van to the off-road Jeep. But what if your spouse or teenager buys a car from a different brand? Does that mean you have to go through a second warranty agency? The answer is no. Most, but not all, competitive make vehicles are eligible for coverage through CWD.
  2. You’re paying for reputable, trustworthy coverage. Third-party warranty companies can be risky. CWD, however, is completely backed by Chrysler Group, LLC, so you can feel confident that your car is in good hands. Depending on the warranty plan you select, Chrysler will pay for the repairs to your vehicle with no need to deal with a middle man.
  3. There’s a plan available for everyone’s needs. Chrysler Warranty Direct offers several different plans, accommodating a range of budget and coverage needs. Drivers can opt for the basic coverage of the Powertrain Care Plan, or for the 5,000+-component coverage of the Maximum Care Plan to suit their own unique preferences and needs.
  4. Bonus perks help make it worth it. Every time they buckle up and head out for a drive, drivers with CWD coverage can enjoy peace of mind. A full complement of bonus features, including roadside assistance, rental car and interrupted trip coverage, makes recovering from unexpected events easier.

With Chrysler Direct Warranty on your side, you can enjoy peace of mind. When it comes to your family’s safety and the high cost of vehicle repairs, be smart about which extended warranty you buy. For questions about CWD, contact us at 888-352-6103.