JUST IN!!! New Protection Plans With Higher Miles!

New Protection Plans With Higher Miles

Why is that a good thing?

There are a few reason this is a good thing for our customers. Mainly it comes down to your money and time. It also gives you more flexibility.

It’s going to save a lot of future customers time and money.

How is that? New vehicle extended warranty plans are typically less expensive then new. They require less down payment up front and monthly payments can be less as well. Additionally it saves you time by not having to make an appointment at your local dealership for an inspection. Used plans are great options once you’re outside of coverage but with a new plan it can be completely hassle free.

We can extend your manufacturer’s warranty even if you’re beyond three years and 36,000 miles. New Protection Plans With Higher Miles

Outside of your manufacture’s coverage by either the three year mark or the 36,000 miles? Now we can get you back under coverage for up to four years from your in-service date or up to 48,000 miles to be exact. This will help you save money with cheaper plans and not having to go with a used protection plan. New protection plans have a lot more year / mileage options that can benefit you and your budget. Additionally even if you end up going with a used because it makes more sense for you, we wouldn’t require an inspection on the vehicle if you’re under 48,000 miles.

More Flexibility with New Protection Plans

When you go with a new protection plan you have more flexibility in the years of coverage assigned to certain miles. This will allow you to either save money by going with less years and more miles or get the complete coverage you need by having the ability to get more miles. These new protection plans can give you coverage up to eight years from your in-service date or 125,000 miles or they can go up to seven years and unlimited miles. With you used plans you have an option of one through five years with only a couple mileage options for each year. Having the ability to get a new beyond three years opens up the ability to be more flexible with options.

Don’t miss out on this short window to extend your coverage once you’re outside of the Manufacture’s Warranty

New plans are based off of your in-service date for time and mileage while used plans are based on the day you purchase the plan. Either plan you go with still have those same great coverage options of Maxcare, Added Care Plus and Powertrain Care! What’s great is that we have specialist on hand you can call or email to figure out which plan works best for your needs. We are happy here at Chrysler Warranty Direct to help you figure out which one is the best plan! You can get a quote here and check out online deciding between monthly payments or paying in full for a discount.

Learn even more reasons why it is a good idea to extend your vehicles coverage.