Have you been considering extending your manufacturer warranty with a service contract?

Have you been considering extending your manufacturer warranty with a service contract?

What you need to know…..

It can be confusing to understand how everything works

Knowledge is key to picking the right coverage for the correct length of time. Also why it may be a good idea to get the coverage sooner rather than later. The idea of an auto service contract is to protect your vehicle against future costly repairs. Your vehicle comes from the factory with a three year or thirty six-thousand-mile warranty but many things can go wrong with your vehicle after that time or mileage has expired. With all the advanced technology in vehicles today you do not want to deal with the cost of those repairs. So why would you buy before the original time and mileage has expired? It comes down to cost, the cost of your service contract is going to be it’s least expensive when your vehicle has low miles and time since the in-service date. It is best to purchase before twelve thousand miles and one year from purchase.

When Consider Extending Your Manufacturer Warranty with a Service Contract

Obtaining knowledge about the right coverage and the ideal duration is crucial when it comes to protecting your vehicle against expensive repairs. Extending your manufacture warranty with an auto service contract serves this purpose, particularly after your original manufacturer warranty of three years or thirty six-thousand miles has expired. Given the potential complications that can occur in technologically advanced vehicles, it is wise to address these costs beforehand. By purchasing a service contract before your vehicle reaches twelve thousand miles and one year from purchase, you can secure the most affordable coverage available.

It is important to do your research

You need to understand that not all coverage is the same, there are factory backed service providers and third-party providers. Extending your manufacture warranty is an important part of owning a vehicle. The main difference between the two is where you can take your vehicle and what type of parts can be used to repair it. With a factory backed Mopar plan you can take your vehicle to any dealership within the United States and get repairs from certified technicians with Mopar verified parts. Third Party is often a program through the dealership you are buying it from and not covered nationwide. Here at Chrysler Warranty Direct we offer Mopar factory backed coverage that is accepted Nationwide. We sell our service contracts at wholesale costs so you can typically save yourself quite a bit of money by purchasing through us. The plans offered by us range from five to eight years of coverage with many different mileage and deductible options. Our coverage options include Powertrain Plus, Added Care Plus and Maximum Care plans.

The main difference between the three plans

Mainly it is the number of components covered. Our warranty plans page can give you a good idea of what exactly is covered. Extending your manufacture warranty, it’s important to know the components covered under each plan are 300+ with Powertrain Plus, 800+ with Added Care Plus and 5,000 + with Maximum Care plan. Additionally, Maximum Care Coverage will come with key fob replacement, trip protection when you are a thousand miles from home and roadside assistance. Powertrain coverage may cost you a lot less upfront but will not be as plentiful in benefits down the road compared to a Maximum Care coverage plan.

It’s a personal decision for vehicle owners that requires you weighing out your potential for repairs down the road and if you want to be responsible for that coverage or have a service contract in place that give you peace of mind you are covered. Something else to consider is that National labor rate average is $150 an hour and that doesn’t include parts. We also offer zero percent financing at twelve- or eighteen-month options, sixty-day money-back guarantee and many different discounts. They are more affordable than you think with Chrysler Warranty Direct, get a free no obligation quote today!