Why Is it A Good Idea For You To Purchase Your Extended Warranty Plan Sooner?

Why Is it A Good Idea For You To Purchase Your Extended Warranty Plan Sooner?

Do You Like Saving Money?

If the answer is yes than you see the value in our extended warranty plans! It is easy to say no or wait to purchase because you don't want to spend the money on it. It is important to remember that the longer you way the more expensive these plans become. It is best to purchase within the first year of ownership from the in-service date and under 12,000 miles. That will get you the best price possible on our extended warranty service contracts.

Our Extended Factory-Backed Cost Less

You don't need to pay full MSRP costs for these Mopar factory-backed warranties. Our protection is nationwide at extremely discounted rates. We offer many different mileage and terms to fit any budget, the plans include Maximum Care, Added Care Plus and Powertrain Care Plus. These plans are honored at all Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Fiat dealerships in the United States, Canada and Mexico. This gives you the peace of mind you need when traveling.

Certified Mopar Technicians

Set your mind at ease with a factory-backed service contract knowing you are getting the certified specialists to work on your vehicle and genuine Mopar parts unlike many 3rd party extended warranties. Call us for the best pricing in the business!


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Why Is The Added Care Plus Plan Best When You Have A Smaller Budget?

Added Care Plus Coverage and Mopar Vehicle Protections give you confidence knowing that you are covered if you have a major component issue...

The coverage given with Added Care Plus gives you peace of mind with over eight hundred components covered. Factory-backed and coverage anywhere you travel in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Repairs are performed by factory-trained technicians using genuine Mopar Parts. You can drive with confidence knowing you have comprehensive coverage backed by Chrysler Group LLC.  Coverage straight from the factory has major advantages over third party plans that are not backed by Chrysler. Here at Chrysler Warranty Direct we can provide coverage for your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram or Fiat vehicle. Don't leave yourself unprotected, get a Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan. We off three different ones including Maximum Care, Added Care Plus and Powertrain Care Plus. Maximum Care is our top line coverage but Added Care Plus had great major component coverage on your vehicle for a more affordable price. Added Care Plus covers over 850 components including your engine, transmission, driveline, steering, power group and so much more. Take a look at our Added Care Plus full list here. Mopar service contracts are considered new when your vehicle is within four years from the in-service date and under 48,000 miles.

We offer different time and miles based on the year and miles of your vehicle. The new plans I mentioned above allow you to purchase an extended warranty for up to eight years and 125,000 miles or seven years and unlimited miles. It's important to understand that even if you are beyond 48,000 miles or four years from your in-service date we can still get you that same great Mopar Coverage. We do this through what we call Pre-owned Service Contracts, again still that same great coverage you've came to love with Mopar Factory-backed extended warranties but the time and mileage work slightly different. You can get anywhere from one to five additional years from the date you purchase the plan and up to 75,000 miles from the miles that you have at your time of purchase. This is a great option when someone would like to have peace of mind but are already outside of their manufacturer's warranty. We also recommend that people who are looking for major component coverage while on a budget should consider the Added Care Plus plan. This plan offers great coverage and benefits while not breaking the bank. Another thing is you can still finance the plan with just a small down payment and 0% interest payments spread out over twelve or eighteen months.

There's never been a better time to protect yourself and your vehicle from costly repairs. Vehicle repairs have become increasingly more expensive so to give yourself coverage is a major investment. Mopar Vehicle Protection plans are accepted and can give you coverage anywhere in the united states that you travel. Here at Chrysler Warranty Direct we pride ourselves for providing the best customer service in the business and making sure we get you in the right plan for your habits and vehicle. Please get a free quote here and see how affordable it can be to give yourself the best extended warranty out there!