Is A Mopar Protection Plan Worth It?

Why Are Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans Also Know As An Extended Warranty Worth it?

When deciding if an extended protection plan on your vehicle is worth the cost it's important to understand that vehicles these days are packed with gadgets we all love but those gadgets come with a heavy price tag to fix without an extended warranty. You don't want to be in a position with a big service bill and no warranty to cover the cost. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve and protect yourself from future costly repairs.

Gone are the days of fixing your vehicle in your own garage with these expensive computer systems you need a certified technician to repair your vehicle. The factory warranty won’t last forever. Mopar vehicles come with a factory warranty that covers your vehicle bumper-to-bumper for three years or 36,000 miles. By the time that warranty ends, your car has racked up mileage and is more likely to need repairs now than it did before. Adding an extra two or three years onto your coverage can make all the difference when a costly service is needed.

Comprehensive coverage protects just about everything.

From the speedometer acting up to the A/C giving out on the hottest day of the year, extended warranties can offer coverage for almost anything mechanical. When they say comprehensive coverage, they’re not kidding. Chrysler Warranty Direct, for example, offers a Maximum Care Plan that covers more than 5,000 vehicle components.

The cost of repairs often exceeds the cost of the warranty.

Sky-high repair costs, or manageable warranty bills? You decide. Plus, you can enroll in monthly payment plans through CWD with 0% interest to make the cost even easier to handle.

They can cover roadside emergencies. Common roadside problems, like flat tires and getting locked out, are also covered by extended warranties depending on the plan you select.

They pay for the cost of rental cars. While your vehicle is worked on, most extended warranties will fund the use of a rental car, so you can still get to work and run errands with ease.

They provide peace of mind you can’t get anywhere else. You’re on a road trip in the middle of nowhere, or you’re out of state on business, when the car breaks down. Depending on your warranty plan, Chrysler Warranty Direct will pay for lodging, meals and transportation, offering solace in an otherwise stressful situation. Maxcare Coverage does this and so much more!

Extended warranties may not seem worth it right now with your new car parked safely in the garage, but they certainly will as soon as something goes wrong. No body wants to be sitting in the service waiting room with a costly bill in hand and no warranty coverage.

Get coverage for your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram or Fiat, so you don’t have to worry about it later by contacting Chrysler Warranty Direct for details. Get a free quote here!


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Everything You Should Know About Maxcare Coverage!

Everything You Should Know About Mopar Extended Warranty Maximum Care Coverage!

After all it is the best coverage offered by FCA Chrysler and for good reason...

Maximum Care Coverage allows you to drive with complete confidence knowing you have comprehensive coverage...

Mopar Extended Warranty Maximum Care is backed by Chrysler Group LLC. The repairs are performed by factory-trained technicians using Genuine Mopar Parts. You will be provided coverage anywhere you travel in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Here at Chrysler Warranty Direct we set ourselves apart from competition offering wholes pricing, 0% financing, no sales tax, no payments for 45 days and low down payments.

Our factory-backed warranties are backed by Chrysler FCA and ensure you have the protection you need from unexpected breakdowns. Maximum Care really is the best of the best offering full bumper-to-bumper coverage excluding wearable parts. All the coverage in Powertrain Care and Added Care Plus and even more. Over 5,000 components covered to give you the peace of mind you deserve. If it's mechanical and electrical it's covered! Extend your warranty at discounted rates with us. Your engine computers and all electrical systems which can be very costly to repair are also covered. You can't go wrong with this kind of coverage.

Your manufacturer's warranty can be extended for two to five years, and up to 125,000 miles. That means that when you decide on an eight year plan that is from your in-service date so it is a full five years additional on your manufacturer coverage with an extended service contract. Simply put, a MaxCare Mopar Vehicle Protection plan is identical to what you drove off the lot with - with the exception of deductibles that you choose ($100 or $200)... Not to mention all the freebies that come with this plan which are roadside assistance, key fob replacement and trip protection.

Get a free quote here! Are you beyond three years from your in-service date or 36,000 miles?

Just call us at 1-800-352-6103 or email us at


JUST IN!!! We can now get you a new protection plan when you have more miles!

JUST IN!!! We can now get you a new protection plan when you have more miles!

Why is that a good thing?

It's going to save a lot of future customers time and money.

We can extend your manufacturer's warranty even if you're beyond three years and 36,000 miles.

Up to four years from your in-service date or up to 48,000 miles to be exact. This will help you save money with cheaper plans and not having to go with a used protection plan. New protection plans have a lot more year / mileage options that can benefit you and your budget. Additionally even if you end up going with a used because it makes more sense for you, we wouldn't require an inspection on the vehicle if you're under 48,000 miles.

When you go with a new protection plan you have more flexibility in the years of coverage assigned to certain miles. This will allow you to either save money by going with less years and more miles or get the complete coverage you need by having the ability to get more miles. These new protection plans can give you coverage up to eight years from your in-service date or 125,000 miles or they can go up to seven years and unlimited miles. With you used plans you have an option of one through five years with only a couple mileage options for each year. Having the ability to get a new beyond three years opens up the ability to be more flexible with options.

New plans are based off of your in-service date for time and mileage while used plans are based on the day you purchase the plan. Either plan you go with still have those same great coverage options of Maxcare, Added Care Plus and Powertrain Care! What's great is that we have specialist on hand you can call or email to figure out which plan works best for your needs. We are happy here at Chrysler Warranty Direct to help you figure out which one is the best plan! You can get a quote here and check out online deciding between monthly payments or paying in full for a discount.

How Exactly Do These Extended Warranties Work?

How Exactly Do These Extended Warranties Work?

It can be complicated and confusing to understand but we are here to make it a little easier...

First thing is you drive off the lot with a manufacturer's warranty that gives you bumper-to-bumper coverage for either three years from your in-service date or 36,000 miles of coverage.

So why do we suggest you buy your extended warranty around that time? It's pretty simple and it comes down to cost! The more time and miles you put on your vehicle which then depreciates your vehicle the more the extended warranty will cost. So when you buy the coverage now for your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram or Fiat vehicle you won't need it until you hit 36,000 miles or that three mark but that peace of mind that it is there and you got it for the best price possible is nice!

Let's say you decide to wait until you are closer to that manufacturer's warranty expiring or you purchase a vehicle that has more time and miles but is still under coverage. You can still extend your warranty with a new protection plan up to eight years of coverage but it's important to note that is from your in-service date and not at the time you purchase the protection plan which is another reason why the sooner you buy your coverage the better. These new plans can also cover up to 125,000 miles. We also offer an unlimited mile protection plan which did replace our lifetime warranties, these plans have a seven year max but not all vehicles qualify for this coverage so let us help you figure out if yours does. These plans still give you that same great coverage of Maximum Care, Added Care Plus or Powertrain Care.

What if you decide to let your manufacturer's warranty expire without extending it or you buy a used car outside of that time frame or miles? That's okay we can still help you with our pre-owned warranty coverage which still has those same great warranty plans we mentioned above but they work slightly different on the time and mileage. These plans do go from your mileage at the time of purchase meaning if you purchase a used extended warranty you will get additional miles on what you already have. These plans range from one year and 12,000 miles of coverage to five years and 75,000 miles of coverage. These plans do also require and inspection but it can be an easy process.

Here at Chrysler Warranty Direct we are happy to help explain this in even further detail and help you understand which extended warranty coverage is best for your needs. Not sure if you would need a used or new protection plan? Let us look up your in-service date to be sure.

Get a free quote here or contact us at 1-800-352-6103 or by email.

Why Are More People Buying Extended Warranties?

Why Are More People Buying Extended Warranties?

It comes down to cost and peace of mind...

These days if anything goes wrong on your car it could be hard to have the financial means to cover it all up front at that time.

Extended warranties give you peace of mind without all the risk, our protection plans are backed by Mopar.

This means that the coverage is factory-backed and that is important, a lot of 3rd Party Warranties don't offer the same coverage such as oem certified parts (read the fine print)! We are thankful at Chrysler Warranty Direct for YOU! We wanted to let you know that we are still here to support you in any way we can! Give yourself peace of mind with a Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan!  There are many Extended Warranty Advantages.

If you're under 36,000 miles and within three years from your in-service date that is great because you can save yourself money! There are many Extended Warranty Advantages! We have over 350 plans to choose from for our new protection plans. They range from a two to five year extension of your three and 36,000 miles. This means that an eight year 125,000 mile plan is a five year extension of your manufacturer coverage. You can get a plan started with as little as $100, there is in-house financing with 0% interest, easy online payments and no credit-checks. What if your vehicle has more than 36,000 miles or is beyond three years from your in-service date? That means you are outside of your manufacturer's coverage but we can still get you back under factory-backed coverage! These options are Pre-owned Protection Plans and range from one to five years of coverage and 12,000 to 75,000 miles. To get into one of these plans you need just 20% down and 0% interest payments spread out over twelve months. Ask about our discounts when paying in full!

Protect your vehicle and yourself from unforeseen repairs because they can be costly! We are happy to help and we have a great special right now of no payments for 45 days! We offer Maxcare Coverage, Added Care Plus and Powertrain Plus! Call 1-888-352-6103 or email Get A Free Quote Here!

Do You Know How Our Used Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans Work?

Do You Know How Our Used Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans Work?

So what is different than that of our New Vehicle Protection Plans?

Your vehicle would qualify for our used plans if you are out of your manufacturer’s three year and 36,000 mile warranty.

Unlike the Mopar Vehicle Protection new plans where you must purchase within that time frame, our Used Mopar Vehicle Protection plans are a great way to get yourself back under Mopar Vehicle Protection. We still offer our same great coverage plans which include Maximum Care, Added Care Plus and Powertrain Care. These plans cover the same components as the new vehicle protection plans but instead of covering up to a certain amount of years and miles, the Mopar used protection plans are unique because they cover additional years and or miles from that day. Now that may sound confusing at first, but we will explain a little further.

Let’s say you purchase a used plan when your car has 40,000 miles, you purchase a protection plan that covers you for five years and or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. This would give you coverage up to 100,000 miles or five years from that date. This is important coverage to have because has your vehicle accumulates more miles and time it has a greater chance of needing repairs. Unforeseen repairs can be costly and unfortunate but if you protect yourself with one of our vehicle protection plans that extends your manufacturer’s warranty you can be in a position where you only pay a small deductible rather than the full amount to fix the issue.

Another thing similar to our new protection plans is that the sooner you purchase your extended warranty the cheaper that coverage is, the more time and miles which is considered depreciation on a vehicle occurs the more expensive that same plan becomes. If you are beyond 36,000 miles and three years from your in-service date don’t delay, get yourself back under Mopar Factory-Backed coverage today by calling 1-888-352-6103! Here at we can give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, but our used plans require you to call for a quote and purchase! We also offer 0% financing for these plans and spread the payments out over twelve months with just 20% down. Learn more about our used plans here as well.

What coverage does Mopar offer for their Ram Truck, the 2020 MotorTrend Truck of the year?

What coverage does Mopar offer for their Ram Truck, the 2020 MotorTrend Truck of the year?

Times are changing and RAM is taking over...

Ram Trucks have recorded a record-breaking year for 2019, up 18% from 2018 as well. In addition to that Ram received the award of MotorTrend Truck Of The Year for 2019 and 2020.

Mopar Ram Advantage Plan comes in handy now that there are more Ram’s on the road and a bigger need for a protection plan that makes sense for these owners. Beyond the manufacturer’s warranty Mopar now offers a Ram Advantage Plan, Maxcare, Added Care and Powertrain coverage.

This Ram Advantage plan is designed specifically for Ram owners to give them an additional two years of coverage and up to 100,000 miles. Original manufacturer’s warranty comes with three years of coverage from your in-service date and up to 36,000 miles. It is always best to extend your warranty while it is still active, this will allow you to have cheaper pricing and not have to have an inspection. You will be able to purchase right over the phone with one of Chrysler Warranty Direct’s warranty coverage experts. This plan is priced to sell and includes all the Maxcare benefits you’ve grown to love. It also comes with four oil changes, roadside assistance includes trailer towing, trip interruption protection, and five-day rental car allowance. Restrictions may apply but this coverage comes packed with benefits that can’t be matched by a third-party plan.

We also have our regular Maxcare coverage which is covers the same 5,000 + components as the Advantage Plan but does not include the oil changes or trailer towing. This plan does allow you to adjust the time and mileage to what you need though. The Added Care Plus plan covers over 800 components. While the Powertrain is a great basic coverage option covering 350 + components. This special Ram Advantage Plan extension on their manufacturer warranty is incomparable to other makes. It allows you to extend your warranty coverage at a low cost with great perks. Get your quote today!

What happens if you wait to extend your manufacturer’s warranty?

What happens if you wait to extend your manufacturer’s warranty?

You will pay more for that same factory-backed coverage….

There are a lot of people who wait to extend the coverage on their vehicle, what many don’t realize is how costs can increase has time goes on.

Your car depreciates every day especially as you tack on miles so one way for that service contract to cost more is by adding more miles or years since your in-service date.

The more your car deprecates the high the repairs costs become which in turn causes the extension of your factory-backed warranty to cost more. Even before you reach 36,000 miles there are increases within that, one at 12,000 miles, one at 24,000 miles and the big one at 36,000 miles and beyond when you no longer are eligible for the new car plan and have to explore yours options with a used factory-backed service contracts. This can cost you hundreds of more dollars. Another way the price increase is just by Mopar’s annual price increase which typically come twice a year, but we do not have exact dates of when those will occur.

Most manufacturers offer a decent basic warranty, ranging from three to five years of bumper-to-bumper coverage, with some longer warranties on drivetrain and roadside assistance. But, in order to take advantage of more competitive payments, the car payments now often stretch beyond the coverage of a standard warranty. This might leave you paying for a car that’s started to incur out-of-pocket repairs or replacements of non-maintenance related failures. Adding optional protection plans on your new car purchase might be a great additional peace of mind. But, if you’re feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse for skipping out on that extended coverage, there are some interesting packages available for recently purchased cars. The folks at Chrysler Warranty Direct offer a selection of Mopar protection plans for new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram vehicles including Maxcare and Added Care protection. These factory-backed protection plans have been available for over 10 years, giving added protection and peace-of-mind to their customers. They’re available for all Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram products that have been purchased in the last three years, and have less than 36,000 miles on them. There’s no time like the present to snag a Mopar protection plan, since Chrysler has dropped the online-only purchase price to new lows. It’s more affordable than ever to add the peace-of-mind a Mopar protection plan to your new car. Chrysler has been helping their customers save thousands of dollars over the last decade thanks to these protection plans and buying online at a discount helps you save even more. If your vehicle is less than 12 months old, and has less than 12,000 miles, you’re eligible for an additional early-bird savings of $150 on a Mopar protection plan. Don’t miss out, get a quote today!

There is a major difference when purchasing your extended warranty through us compared to others!

There is a major difference when purchasing your extended warranty through us compared to others!

We offer unique benefits that can’t be matched…

We’ve sold over 50,000 extended service contracts to our customers around the nation who wanted to extend their manufacturer’s warranty.

This gave their vehicle added protection at wholesale costs.

Here at Chrysler Warranty Direct we pride ourselves on providing the best extended warranty experience money can buy. We are the number one provider Nationwide, there are a lot of reasons for this.

Before you go to the dealership to buy your new vehicle do your research and understand just how much you can save. Our plans are affordable and can fit any budget. We offer no sales tax, wholesale pricing that is up to $1000 below MSRP, 0% financing with no credit check and the lowest down payment in the industry. Do your research and you will see that not everyone can offer these same benefits.

A pretty cool fact is that we are based in Michigan, so you do not have to pay sales tax when you purchase online at The State of Michigan does not consider an extended warranty a tangible item which means it is not subject to the state sales tax. This savings could be up to $300.00 or even more in some states.

Our plans of coverage range in cost to fit any budget. The costs do increase every year so by working with Chrysler Warranty Direct you can save yourself a few more dollars. In addition to this savings we offer 0% financing with no credit checks, spread your payments out over twelve or eighteen months while giving yourself the peace of mind that you’re covered now. We also have the lowest down payment requirements in the industry. You won’t be disappointed working with us.

Save your time, call us! You can do your research, but we’re convinced we have the best priced extended warranties out there. Many dealerships, other online vendors and 3rd party companies will charge you well above MSRP. We believe in wholesale pricing and past those savings right down to our customers. It doesn’t hurt anything to get a quote right here!

Have you been considering extending your manufacturer warranty with a service contract?

Have you been considering extending your manufacturer warranty with a service contract?

What you need to know…..

It can be confusing to understand how everything works

and why it may be a good idea to get the coverage sooner rather than later. The idea of an auto service contract is to protect your vehicle against future costly repairs. Your vehicle comes from the factory with a three year or thirty six-thousand-mile warranty but many things can go wrong with your vehicle after that time or mileage has expired. With all the advanced technology in vehicles today you do not want to deal with the cost of those repairs. So why would you buy before the original time and mileage has expired? It comes down to cost, the cost of your service contract is going to be it’s least expensive when your vehicle has low miles and time since the in-service date. It is best to purchase before twelve thousand miles and one year from purchase.

It is important to do your research and understand that not all coverage is the same, there are factory backed service providers and third-party providers. The main difference between the two is where you can take your vehicle and what type of parts can be used to repair it. With a factory backed Mopar plan you can take your vehicle to any dealership within the United States and get repairs from certified technicians with Mopar verified parts. Third Party is often a program through the dealership you are buying it from and not covered nationwide. Here at Chrysler Warranty Direct we offer Mopar factory backed coverage that is accepted Nationwide. We sell our service contracts at wholesale costs so you can typically save yourself quite a bit of money by purchasing through us. The plans offered by us range from five to eight years of coverage with many different mileage and deductible options. Our coverage options include Powertrain Plus, Added Care Plus and Maximum Care plans.

The main difference between the three plans are the number of components covered. Our warranty plans page can give you a good idea of what exactly is covered. Components covered under each plan are 300+ with Powertrain Plus, 800+ with Added Care Plus and 5,000 + with Maximum Care plan. Additionally, Maximum Care Coverage will come with key fob replacement, trip protection when you are a thousand miles from home and roadside assistance. Powertrain coverage may cost you a lot less upfront but will not be as plentiful in benefits down the road compared to a Maximum Care coverage plan.

It’s a personal decision for vehicle owners that requires you weighing out your potential for repairs down the road and if you want to be responsible for that coverage or have a service contract in place that give you peace of mind you are covered. Something else to consider is that National labor rate average is $150 an hour and that doesn’t include parts. We also offer zero percent financing at twelve- or eighteen-month options, sixty-day money-back guarantee and many different discounts. They are more affordable than you think with Chrysler Warranty Direct, get a free no obligation quote today!