3 Signs You Need a Better Automotive Warranty

Whether you’re purchasing a new or used vehicle, there’s a good chance that warranty discussion is a part of the process. The bright side is that most new vehicles come standard with fairly comprehensive warranties. But, based on your driving habits and your unique needs, you may want an extended warranty that offers enhanced coverage. Here are a few signs that you should upgrade your automotive warranty.

The coverage period simply isn’t long enough.

With the proper care, your vehicle should last you many years and hundreds of thousands of miles. But, if you’re aiming to keep a vehicle around for as long as possible, you’ll probably need an extended warranty. These coverage plans typically last much longer than the warranties that come with new cars, and they offer coverage that’s just as comprehensive – if not more so.

You’re buying a used vehicle.

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of the automotive warranty when you’re buying a used vehicle. Many used dealerships offer their own warranties, but they only last so long and only cover so much. The risk inherent in buying a used car makes upgrading to a manufacturer extended warranty an excellent choice – especially if you expect to push the vehicle to its limits.

You own a vehicle with advanced components that aren’t covered by your standard warranty.

If you own a barebones vehicle that lacks the bells and whistles that come with many modern cars, an extended warranty may not be necessary. But, most modern vehicles feature components under the hood and in the cabin that rely on complex electrical systems that simply weren’t present in the typical vehicle even a decade ago. A warranty that doesn’t cover these items is insufficient, because if any trouble does occur, the repairs will likely cost you a pretty penny. Consider ramping up your coverage level and purchasing an extended warranty – there’s a chance you’ll save in the long run.

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